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Friday, December 19, 2014

[Fashion Friday] Holiday Outfit

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

[DIY] Hello Kitty Pull String Pinata

My daughter is turning 4 this month and I asked her what theme she wants for her birthday between Frozen and Hello Kitty.  A little bit surprised when she chose Hello Kitty because ....everybody, I mean including her, is so crazy about Frozen this year.

But anyway we are going to have a Hello Kitty 4th Birthday Party for her.  I am excited!

Although I like the idea of it all, buying Hello Kitty party supplies can be pricey overall with a little here and there purchases.

So I decided to try my best effort to diy party needs as much as I can in order to save some money.  So this post is the first of a series of diy Hello Kitty party supplies.

First, I volunteered my sister to help me make a pinata.  Pinata can run from $15 to $30 depending on what kind you like, that is why we chose to make this instead of buying.

Let me show you our DIY Hello Kitty Pull String Pinata.
I know it is not perfect and it's not fancy but we all know this will only last for about 10 minutes ☺.

Here's how to make it = total cost $4
• box of your choice
• Hello Kitty wrapping paper = $3 (walmart)
• pink crepe paper = $1 (dollar store)
• mod podge or some kind of adhesive

First we looked for a box with the shape that we like.  Flip it down, then poke 4 holes on each corner on the bottom of the box because that is where the string to hold it will go.
Cut the long flaps depending on how many strings you want to attach to it.
Cut the wrapping paper according to the size of the bottom of the box.
Also cut the wrapping paper according to the size of the sides of the box leaving a space to place the already cut crepe paper as in the picture below.  Cover everything else with crepe paper.
Punch the flaps so strings can be attached to it and the pinata is done!
It is not perfect and it is not as beautiful as what you can find in stores but we're happy with it because it will only last for about 10 minutes with a total of only $4!

Until then...
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

De-Wrinkling Hacks for Ironing

I came across this graphic from Alight and thought that this is going to benefit my readers so I'm sharing this to you all.

You may think that the science of ironing is pretty straight forward but there's more to that than can make our clothes more pleasant looking.
Courtesy of: Alight
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